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Injury Prevention


What is Injury Prevention?

Injury Prevention is activities and exercises to prevent, treat, and/or reduce injury-related disability and dysfunction

By reducing injury rates, pain level, and amount of dysfunction, athletes are able to return to everyday activities and live a healthier lifestyle. Whether that means cleaning the house, walking the dog, participating in volleyball practice, or hiking 10 miles, people deserve to live life to its fullest!


What Can I Expect From an Injury Prevention Session?

  • One-on-one session to assess, treat, and rehabilitate current or previous injuries

  • Make improvements in flexibility and mobility throughout the body to help with overall pain free movement

  • Increase joint stability and provide proper technique to aid in injury prevention

  • Along with health improvement, injury prevention sessions provide the benefit of convenient access to a certified healthcare professional that can help reduce injury rates as well as increase overall health and fitness


Injury Prevention Improves:

  • Overall musculoskeletal and cardiovascular fitness

  • Mobility and/or stability of the spine, hips, and shoulders

  • Posture and gait dysfunctions

  • Overall core and spine stability

  • Pain with movement


Certified Athletic Trainer


Caitlin Scheib


Caitlin Scheib has been a certified athletic trainer since 2010 and she received her Master of Science in Kinesiology specialized in Athletic Training from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She obtained further specialization as a Corrective Exercise Specialist as well as a Level 1 CrossFit Coach. She has worked in a variety of setting including youth sports, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. From 2016-2018, Caitlin held the title of Clinical Coordinator and Instructor at the University of Charleston where she educated students in the undergraduate Athletic Training and Movement Science programs. Caitlin decided to follow her true passion in injury prevention and became the General Manager and Injury Prevention Specialist at CrossFit Never Give Up. Caitlin strives to help patients reach their personal fitness and wellness goals to be able to live a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

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